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Anime Blues Con 9 Cosplay

Whenever someone asks me what I love about Memphis, TN, I always say it’s the great geek scene. I try to make it to as many as the fandom conventions as I can every year. I attended my third Anime Blues Con (ABC) after being away for the last two summers. It is one of my favorites out of the Memphis area’s convention scene.


My thoughts and experiences playing Magic: the Gathering on Saturday at the Prerelease: Core Set 2020

I love playing Magic for a lot of reasons. Winning isn’t one of them. Although it feels good to win, it seldom happens to me. So, I lose a lot. But, I get something out of seeing how my and my opponent’s cards work against each other. I celebrate small victories such as a deck working smoothly even though I ran four colors, or getting my favorite card on the battlefield and doing something cool with it.